# Revenue streams

Evelon has a unique revenue model that ensures steady streams of income, regardless of the market condition. The platform has seven different income streams, including recurring and one-time revenue sources, which provide a diverse mix of revenue to support the platform's growth and development.

# Recurring Revenue Sources:

  • Evelon Web2-Web3 API: The API needed to integrate with the platform is available through a monthly subscription fee. This fee provides access to the API, which is essential for integrating dynamic NFTs into existing web2-web3 applications.
  • Admin Panel Management: Users who want to alter the properties of their DNFTs can do so by paying a monthly subscription fee for admin panel management. This fee ensures that users have access to the tools they need to manage their DNFTs, including customizing variables and defining their dynamicity.
  • Evelon’s Native DNFT Platform Token (EVLN): Evelon has its own platform token, which is used on its DNFT platform. The demand for the token contributes to the treasury of the protocol, providing a steady source of recurring revenue.
  • Secondary Taxes from Marketplaces: A small tax will be implemented on other protocols for using Evelon's NFT marketplaces, providing another source of recurring revenue.

# One-Time Revenue Sources:

  • White-Label Solutions: For users who want to launch their own NFT marketplace, Evelon offers a one-time fee for using its no-code interface. This fee covers the cost of deploying the necessary infrastructure to launch a marketplace.
  • Evelon Marketplace Deployment: Users who want to mint their own DNFTs and use custom contracts can do so by paying a one-time fee. This fee covers the cost of deploying the infrastructure needed to mint and manage NFTs.
  • Primary Sales from DNFT Launch: Each sale of a minted DNFT generates a one-time fee for the protocol. These fees support the growth and development of the platform, providing a source of income that can be reinvested back into the platform.

In conclusion, Evelon's revenue model provides a robust and diverse mix of recurring and one-time revenue streams, ensuring a steady flow of income for the platform. By providing innovative solutions to existing NFT problems, Evelon has positioned itself as a leader in the industry, and its revenue streams provide a solid foundation for future growth and development.