# Marketing roadmap

Marketing a product can be a challenging task, but with a well-planned marketing roadmap, success is just around the corner.

Phase 1: Market Research The first phase of the marketing roadmap is market research. In this phase, We already researched to gather information about the target market, its needs, and the competition. This research has helped us determine the marketing strategy that will be used to reach the target market.

Phase 2: Branding and Community Building In the branding phase, the brand image of Evelon would be established. This includes the design of the logo, website, and social media profiles. The goal is to create a consistent and recognizable image for the brand.

Phase 3: Content Marketing The third phase would be content marketing. In this phase, a content strategy would be developed and executed. This includes creating blog posts, videos, infographics, and other forms of content that educate the target audience about Evelon and its features.

Phase 4: Social Media Marketing In this phase, a social media strategy would be developed and executed. This includes creating and sharing content on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The goal is to reach the target audience and engage with them.

Phase 5: Influencer Marketing In the influencer marketing phase, partnerships would be formed with influencers in the NFT and blockchain communities. Influencers will promote Evelon and share their experiences using the platform with their followers.

Phase 6: Product Demonstrations In this phase, Evelon will be demonstrated to potential customers. This may include webinars, product demos, and hands-on workshops. The goal is to educate potential customers and show them the benefits of using Evelon.

Phase 7: Beta Testing In the beta testing phase, Evelon will be made available to a select group of customers for testing. Feedback from these customers will be used to improve the product before its official launch.

Phase 8: Launch Event The launch event is a key part of the marketing roadmap. In this phase, Evelon will be officially launched to the public. This may include a press conference, product demonstrations, and other marketing efforts.

Phase 9: Public Relations In this phase, public relations efforts will be made to generate media coverage for Evelon. This may include press releases, media interviews, and other PR initiatives.

Phase 10: Ongoing Marketing The final phase is ongoing marketing. In this phase, Evelon will continue to be marketed and promoted to reach new customers and maintain existing ones. This may include regular content creation, social media marketing, and other marketing efforts.

A well-planned marketing roadmap is essential for the success of any product launch. By following the 10 phases outlined above, the marketing of Evelon will be organized and effective. This will help the product reach its target audience, establish its brand, and ultimately, succeed in the market.